June 25, 2014 Gila County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

Gila County Sheriff’s Office
Press Release
June 25, 2014
Total number of calls received: 50
Total number of arrests: 3
Total number of subjects booked into the Globe Jail: 6
Total number of inmates in the Globe Jail: 138
Total number of traffic stops: 1
Total 911 calls: 26
Miami Police Department arrested Tucker, Pamela age 42 out of Miami on a child support warrant.
Gila County Sheriff’s Office arrested McClure, Donald Richard, age 42 of Phoenix, on a failure to appear warrant for theft of means of transportation.
Gila County Task Force arrested Miller, Joseph Lee age 33 out of Globe on a warrant for aggravated assault, criminal damage, aggravated DUI, aggravated DUI with child present and endangerment/domestic violence.
0009: Deputy responded to Gordon Street in reference to a report of suspicious activity.
0038: Deputy responded to El Camino in reference to a civil stand-by.
0203: Deputy responded to the Safeway Claypool in reference to agency assist of the Globe Police Department.
1003: Deputy assisted Health Dept. with an inspection at a residence on Inspiration Dr.
1034: Deputy took a report of a minor accident with no injuries on Inspiration Dr.
1109: Deputy responded to a residence on Huie St. reference to criminal damage.
1253: Deputy responded to a residence in Pueblo Heights in reference to theft.
1310: Deputy responded to the Gila County jail to serve a warrant on a self surrender walk in. McClure, Donald Richard was arrested.
1312: Deputy responded to Apache Hills lane in reference to criminal damage.
1340: Deputy took a phone call in reference to a citizen assist in Dripping Springs.
1409: Deputy responded to Claypool Circle K reference to a minor 2 vehicle accident.
1505: Deputy responded to the Sheriff’s Office Lobby reference to a female reporting a juvenile problem near her residence on Pineway.
1515: Deputies along with Tri City EMS responded to Railroad Ave. Reported as a domestic, it was unfounded. The female was having medical issues.
1532: Deputy responded to Pueblo Heights MHP in reference to a juvenile problem.
1545: Deputy responded to the Gila County jail in reference to criminal damage.
1612: Deputy responded to Highway 70 mile post 285 in reference to an agency assist.
1936: Deputy received phone traffic in reference to assault.


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